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Missy ji The International Khiladi….

Posted on 26. Feb, 2012 by .


I hope you enjoyed the MMA Kitty Party.Com Lohri video. If you haven’t seen it yet then go to the write below this one and trust me you will never have seen anything like it! I am hiring them out to you to the highest bidders! đŸ™‚ Right now I am preparing for an all […]

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Kitty (MMA) Lohri Celebrations…

Posted on 25. Feb, 2012 by .


The below video was taken at Lohri this year, but didn’t get time to upload it. I would like to introduce to you part of the ‘Kitty Party.Com’ crew. Their names are Jinder, Sunita, Khushboo and Preet. They are a crazy lot who went to Manjit’s house to celebrate Lohri as she recently had a […]

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Missy D’s very First EVER Dedicated Shrine in Colorado, USA…

Posted on 18. Nov, 2011 by .


Back in the days of no computers, I used to have pen-pals. I’m sure you did too. Today I have videocast pals, who go by the name of Larry Agan and Dale Hu. They live in Colorado, USA and we are in constant contact via videocasts. We have never met and never talked on phone. […]

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Video of Missy D Hosting ‘Shaam’ 2011. Your Hostess with The….??

Posted on 16. Nov, 2011 by .


In my time in radio since the late 90’s I must have hosted thousands of shows. Some call it hosting, and others stage host or even compere. Whatever it is, for me it’s the best feeling in the world. I love standing on a stage infront of hundreds and even thousands of people and entertaining […]

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Hatha Yoga with Sarika Kohli. Part One…

Posted on 08. Nov, 2011 by .


As promised I bring you a mini-series of basic Hatha Yoga techniques. The series is featuring my long-standing pre-historic pint-sized friend Sarika Kohli. She is a very spiritual and peaceful person and totally adores the practice of meditation and yoga. In fact she went out to India to train herself in the practices and now […]

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Missy D Dances Bollywood…..

Posted on 01. Oct, 2011 by .


I was just going through my iPhone. It’s got 2000 pictures and videos in it. I’ve never really shared my videos publically. But thought I’d show you this one. It’s me dancing at a wicked Desi night in London. Think it was Gem Bar and the DJ was Krash playing for Kandy Nights.  I asked […]

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USA Monkeying Around ;)

Posted on 30. Sep, 2011 by .


 I just got this message from Larry And Dale: Meet Clive ~ our English Monkey Buddy The key to maintaining a successful Web-Cast is to have a great Monkey to help out. Larry & Dale add Clive to the Team !He has been with us in the Coffee Shop all along, but we decided to […]

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Desi Wife Catches Cheating Husband LIVE on USA Radio!!!!

Posted on 30. Sep, 2011 by .


Oh My Gosh!!! I was browsing the net (to check out my competition) and typed in the word ‘Desi’ and I cam across the following video. It has to be THE MOST funniest thing I have EVER heard on any radio station anywhere. I am not at all surprised that it’s actually an American radio that […]

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Larry Agan’s Big Red Lorry!

Larry Agan’s Big Red Lorry!

Posted on 29. Sep, 2011 by .


I am loving the fact that Larry, Dale and I don’t even know one another. We have never met one another yet we are sending videos to one another. It really is the most fun thing ever. We here in the UK get to learn about people who live in Colorado, and Dale and Larry ji […]

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