40 Day No Alcohol DETOX…Day 1-2

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Man I am so lame and I have so neglected my beloved blog for a long, long time. It is very shameful and I apologise! I am sure I wrote something similar the last time I wrote after a long time too! It’s not my fault. Life has taken me in the fast lane since November of last year and even though I’m trying to put the brakes on…it’s just not happening. But in the weirdest of ways, I’m actually enjoying ‘the fast lane’ but it does have its downfalls. Mostly something called ‘burn out’ and that’s is what I’m going through right now. You see if I keep going I’m fine, but the minute I stop I fall hard! By this I mean, I was forced to slow down and stop as it was half-term holiday last week, and man I was soooo ill. I was on anti-biotics and everything and felt like death warmed up. On the back end of that I have been suffering from migraine for the last 10 days too. It’s so bad that I am having pain in my eyeball and cheek!!

But anyway life still goes on and in between that I still managed to do a show every day last week, which were very well received. But today I will not even mention my beloved Luv Asia Radi oOnline as I tend to have done that a lot on here and Facebook.

So I just really wanted to share with you my latest challenge in my life and that is my 40 day no alcohol detox. It’s not something special or something that has been advised, I just am doing it to feel better. I am not an alcoholic and am not reliant on alcohol, and classify myself as a social drinker. I like a few glasses of wine now and again, and would say would  do that around once a week. Twice if I’ out at lunch or dinner. but not a daily drinker by any means. But I guess there has not been a long period where I have had a complete break from alcohol.

So this is what I promised to do as of Monday 20th February 2012. Why I hear you ask? well no reason to be honest. My sister said she was going on a 40 day detox and last time she did it she felt great and also helped with weight loss. So I thought why not and said I would join her. We started yesterday and our 40 days end 1st April 2012. This will be interesting and not testing I think. I do have a social life and do meet friends in pubs. Now there are two things I like to do when I’m at a pub. One is to have a glass of wine or a Grey Goose with diet Coke (with extra ice and lemon) and eat proper pub grub. I never see the point of going to a pub to have a glass of coke and rabbit food! I can have that at home. So I am not going to stop my social life but will not be on the alcohol!

I’m not traumatised at the fact that I won’t drink, and am looking forward to seeing how this may affect me after 40 days. I t may have no affects but I will be happy in the knowledge that I had the will power to abstain from something I like for 40 days straight. Most interestingly Lent for Christians starts tommorrow, and they abstain from something they like until Easter too. It’s a huge coincidence that we chose to do it at this time, and feel extra blessed now that I’m doing it at a holy time!

I’ll keep you updated as to how it is going…

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2 Responses to “40 Day No Alcohol DETOX…Day 1-2”

  1. Potatosandwich

    29. Feb, 2012

    Hey there MissyD….yes you haven’t blogged for a while, however I haven’t been around to nudge you either.

    Good luck with your 40 day challenge, it’s important to do these kind of things. I am entertaining the idea of 1 month without watching TV….actually running an experiment at home with the family…I need a hard sell.

    Take Care

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    • Missy Dee

      29. Feb, 2012

      Helloooo Aloo ji

      Thank you! It’s good to be back. And also great doing the detox. It’s day 10 and really not felt like I’m missing sharab at all. Ok fine I ain’t got the guts to go sit in a pub. But will be tested this Friday at a friends bday! Think everyone’s gonna die of shock. Lol

      So exactly one month to go. And it’s great. Drinking more water and eating better but I’m afraid this is making me crave more sweet stuff. Hmmmm

      I don’t think I could do a no tv thing. But then again I did when I was in a flat in London and spent most of my time on the net!

      Happy Blogging. Xxx

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