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So The Luv Team DJ’s were created from Luv Asia RadioI created the radio station and it only made sense that we continued with the ‘LUV’ theme. That son’t mean we only play LUV tunes. Nah. Far from it. We play party tunes that make a party outstanding!

Who are The Luv Team DJ’s? Well simply a DJ collective with a huge difference. We consist of a Female and a few Males! You know me by now. I am no feminist. But I bloody love to give men a run for their money  and do as good, if not better than them. Just cause I can and want to. I think this may have stemmed by being born as the eldest daughter of 4 girls, and was continuously looked down upon because we had no brothers. We apparently were pitied cause we were girls!! My Mum always encouraged me to live and fight, and fend, and graft in equality to men. So thats what I have always done.

So you see in my entire DJ life (too many years) i have always seen male DJ’s on a platform, and generally (not always as there are some exceptions) women were brought into collectives, but were never the main attraction. Or even allowed to work on par with the male species. They were under-written and under-rated. These guys loved the fact they could say they had a woman on board, but how much work was she given and how much was she promoted in comparison to het male counterpart? You can answer that yourself.

What I have done here is set up The Luv Team DJ’s as a woman a good few years ago and the went on the hunt for people to join the collective. After teething problems and quite a few ups and downs, I settled on Hap-E DJ and The Wizard. And it works like magic. Hap-E is in the UK, and both myself and him work in synch, on par and totally equal when it comes to doing a party. No-one overpowers the other, no-one bosses anyone around. We just work together as DJ’s and Hosts, as any other collective would. For me this is rare. There may be a set-up like this around the world, but I am sure not one where both individuals work in synch flawlessly! I could be wrong, but thats what I think! There is always ego issues, domination issues and ‘I am the boss’ issues in many media/entertainment arenas that I have worked in, and I wanted to eliminate that.

The Wizard is in Canada and my Guru when it comes to DJ’ing. This is the man who taught me all , and still supports me on a daily basis in all arenas of life. So this is our little unit. In the UK me and Hapster. In Canada, The Wizard, Missy and The Hap-E DJ. Although having said that we are available worldwide for any party shirty of any size.

We do it all, but with a male and female twist. Its not often you see a spectacle of male and female on the decks and the mic. It really is still a strange concept I think for both men and women to comprehend initially, and then when we have done our show, they cannot get enough of us. I think we need much more male and female DJ set ups. But alas it still is a taboo career to go in for women, which is silly. But hey on he positive side there is a huge upsurge of female DJ’s across the globe (standing ovation).

Anyway you know I love to talk, talk, talk, so I will shut up now. Just do check out our newly launched website if you need a DJ for any reason whatsoever across the world. Destination weddings happen to be our favourite! We do weddings, parties, anniversaries, mehndi, ladies sangeets, garden parties, walimas, bharaats, destination weddings, corporate events, PA, outdoor events and anything else in-between.

We play what you desire and what fits you party and your guests from Bhangra, Bollywood, Asian Urban, Mainstream, Arabic, Desi Beats and of course all the cheesy pop, club classics, carwash and hip-hop etc Just ask us to sort out your playlist with your specified genre, and we work closely with what your favourites are! Plus of course there is a huge demand for a female only DJ events, and that is also what I do too (minus Hap-E DJ), much to his disgust as DJ’ing is his life and he always wants to come too!)

So do me a favour if anyone needs a DJ Collective with a difference (come on now, I am sure the whole world are bored with the usual booked ones) then hit us up here The Luv Team DJ’s. I guarantee hand on heart, you will not regret it. Partying is what we LUV to do most x

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