Donate a QUID to Grow LUV ASIA RADIO. ALL Donations Appreciated!!!

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Man I am sooo buzzing from doing my LIVE Luv Asia Radio Show today. It was my special ‘New Years Eve Eve Show’. I had an exceptional amount of listeners listening live. Actually more than usual today. It was a mix of everything. I usually just go with the flow of the listeners. You can listen back to it right here…

Anyway one of the things that we got talking about is how I have collectively around 10,000 fans/friends on Facebook alone on all of my accounts, and said that if each person donated £1.00 to the cause of ‘Luv Asia Radio’ imagine how that would help for the station to grow??

Ok I know that 10,000 people won’t give me a quid and might see it as me taking the piss, and that is fair enough. But here’s the thing, I am very passionate about building ‘LUV ASIA RADIO ONLINE’ and making it a global entity. Right now I do 2 shows a week live and within 6 weeks I have managed to build my unique listeners to a mahooosive 1,674 who have collectively listened to my shows a total of 2,973 times. This is major!!! 9As my cousin Ram would say – who was one person pushing to me to start an online radio station)

Ram was not the only one. Since I can remember I have been told time and time again by fans, family and friends to start my own online station. It took ages of research and to understand and as I told you before in a previous article, it started off small and as an experiment and it blew up!!!

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The Founder of Luv Asia Radio...LOL

I want o make LUV ASIA RADIO ONLINE a 24 hour, 7 day a week venture. For this I need to spend time and money. I have actually begged and borrowed and have pumped in around £3000 myself so far for software and hardware. There is a lot of expenditure involved. Like for example, just the licence for me to play music and you to replay and download costs around £800.00 annually. That’s just to cover 44 countries. Licences for India, Pakistan and USA are more money!!! Plus there’s the equipment, getting presenters set up, imaging, production, marketing, promotions and lots more. It all costs money!!!

I can give you an example breakdown if you so wish! Please PM me for that!!

Anyway my listeners today were keen for me to start up a donation box on my website and were very confident that many people would like to donate in order for your LUV ASIA RADIO to grow. So I have finally put one up. The donate box is below or on the right hand side on top of the audio player box.

I feel a little embarrassed by doing this to be honest, but I have read up about bloggers that have done such things as their fans and readers wanted the person to stay afloat to entertain them!!! Plus what have I got to lose? I know many of you might be sceptical and might see this as some sort of scam, but i promise you it isn’t!! I promise you that the money will only and solely go into building LUV ASIA RADIO and making it bigger and better.

So go ahead and become a LUV ASIA RADIO ANGEL!!! I will bless you forever. We can make something of this together as I want you to have as much input as you want. Finally I will put your name and donation (if you wish) in the LUV ASIA RADIO ANGEL HALL OF FAME!

missy d,missy d radio,luv asia radio,indian radio uk,club asia radio,missyd.comWhatever you can give I am very happy to accept. Please take a listen to the show above and it should give you more of an idea of why it will help. Anything from a pound to whatever will be most appreciated. Apparently I am told that paypal takes a commission, but I am not sure My listeners tell me that instead of £1.00, it’s better to give £1.50 so the commission is not eating into the donation. But seriously it is entirely up to you!

Thank you in advance if you do feel the will to donate and I promise you it will probably be the best investment you make or best charitable thing you do for 2012! God Bless you.

Here is the donate box below. You can pay via your paypal account (on right) or if you just want to pay direct via card then I think it’s bottom left that you can pay straight from a credit/debit card. I tried donating to myself but I’m told I can’t!! So will try with my Mamma’s card in the morning.

Happy donating…..and a very Happy New Year 2012 to you x x x


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  1. Diane Corriette

    01. Jan, 2012

    Loving the music even if I don’t always understand the language 🙂
    Good luck with getting in donations Missy D and have a wonderful new year

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  2. Deepak

    03. Apr, 2012

    Nice Music channel.. loves all songs.. keep it up ! Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi missy dee 🙂

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