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unemployed in tthe uk, give me a job, missyd,missy dee, missy d2.51 million unemployed in the United Kingdom. It’s no wonder I can’t find a decent job in radio.

I’m currently working as a Primary Supply School Teacher and it gives me an average of 3 days work a week. Some weeks it can only be a days work, and some all 5 days. Nevertheless it is not the career path that I am used to or even looking for.

Radio is my first love and my first passion and I loved getting paid for something that I loved doing. I had the maddest of hours and hardly got any sleep but I loved and thrived on every second of it.

Unfortunately for me, I am a niche market having only worked in ‘British Asian’ Radio stations. Nevertheless that doesn’t make me any less talented or professional at what I do.

I listen to ‘mainstream’ radio shows and stations and half the time without sounding conceited I know I can do a million times better. Alot of them seem to have no personality, and sound very plastic and contrived. Then I hear presenters on the Brit-Asian stations and it really is annoying that there are people on there that have no prior experience of radio but because they are a known entity they get offered a show. By this I mean actors, vj’s, tv show participants, music producers, dj’s or even z-list celebrities.

Here I am with 15 years of experience of being a flagship show radio presenter with tons of experience, skills and personality but am unable to ‘get in’. Not even sideways! I have been to a few interviews at a very well know corporation but it always is filled in internally.

I apply to mainstream stations and I am left with the feeling or question of ‘iz it cause I iz black’?? Or in my case brown and female??

There’s always been the debate of why there are not enough ethnic minorities in the media. Back when I first started in media in the early 90’s there really was only a small handful. Then as more and more people stood up and questioned this, then a few more were allowed to seep in. You see media companies wanted to show that they were doing enough for equality and ethnic minorities. There have even been schemes in place that train ethnic minorities to get into big media corporations.

My question has always been this though. Why do we even need courses targeting ethnic minorities? Should we all not be treated equally and be hired because of solely our talent and not the colour of our skin? Or even just because we are a known entity? By this I mean, there are people like Narinder from Big Brother who are working as a radio presenter, and also that couple Shay and (forgot his name) from The Family are on the Asian Network. Jade Goody (bless her soul) was also given radio shows. I remember some other ex-BB contestants working at other radio stations down South. Yet none of the above have the background or experience in radio!!

Then here I am. Little old me, who’s dedicated my life to radio and am not getting a look in edgeways!!! Again without trying to blow my own trumpet, I definitely know it is not because of my talent, skills and experience as I have plenty of that to prove. It is not because of my non-existent ego. It certainly is not because I am unpopular or am rubbish at what I do. On the contrary So then what is it??

I understand there’s a recession, but come on is it not a sin keeping a well loved and known entity working in primary schools  a few days a week when you know that I would be an asset to the world of radio and broadcasting? (The last bit did make me squirm – but hey I don’t have a PA and Manager so I have to blow my own trumpet!). I’m just as good if not even better than many out there. I am confident enough to say that.

missyd,missy d,missy dee,british asian female radio presenter, radio, entertainment,indian,

There has to be someone wanting to give me a radio gig? Anywhere in the world? Just get me behind that mic and you will have no regrets whatsoever. That I promise and so will my fans….

And I’ve always said if you don’t ask then you just don’t get! I mean no-one is going to come knocking on my door are they?

I’m available and I’m here!!! In-box me at if you reckon you want me.

Talents are as below:

Radio Presenter (presented Breakfast and Drivetime)

Radio Station Manager (helped build a radio station)

Voice-Over Artist (have voiced/scripted/produced many ads and narrated for ‘My Desi Guru)

Stage Compere and Host

Freelance Columnist (have contributed to many magazines as a writer)

Blogger (as you see I have been blogging for a year)

Photographer (I have a degree in photography)

Make-Up Artist ( I have trained with the Lubna Rafiq Academy)

School Teacher (I have a PGCE)

Public Speaker ( I have given inspirational talks)

Learning Mentor/Trainer ( I have helped set up a local School Radio Station)

Talent Trainer (I have trained many in the skills of becoming a succesful radio presenter)

I love cooking but never trained to be a chef. (random I know)

I’d make a great TV Chat Show host or an entertainment presenter (I once went to a screen test once and was told to lose 3 stones and then come back but apparently I was the best they had seen – but not the right look!!!)

I also think I’d make a great actress as I did some at Uni and think I’d be great in Eastenders as Zainab’s long lost sister ( I think we look similar)

I love to help people and make them happy….

I was nominated for ‘Presenter of the Year’ at the 2005 prestigious and industry recognised 2005 Arquiva CRCA Commercial Radio Awards. Also nominated for ‘Best Radio DJ’ at the 2004 UK AMA Awards. (You see I’m not just blagging it!)

I’m a very creative person and am very multi-talented as you can see. I’m sure I would be an asset to most companies! Willing to re-locate globally as long as the package is enticing.

Maybe just like the pictures I’ve used I should walk around with a sign stuck on me forehead too??

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11 Responses to “GIVEMEAJOB.COM”

  1. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    i know the feeling and i am in the same boat as you.. I have a degree in Media and Cultural Studies, but its been almost impossible for me to break into the media sector. I am more of a writer and looking to work for a big magazine that will allow me to progress further in the company (Possibly editor or co-editor) there however has not been much opportunities that allow this as a full time job and i am stuck with a customer service manager position that at the moment feels like a dead end job.

    The media sector i feel for some bizarre reason focus on the look rather then experience, which is annoying! because not everyone has beauty as well as brains.

    Currently i am also a freelance writer, but these are either very low paid or not paid at all. Even though i have the experience, nothing seems to come my way, i have never been judged on my looks for a job though, Just unlucky i feel. I have a big personality although i am quite timid.

    Anyway why am i telling you this, well because i agree to the fact that these days there are not many opportunities at all, people are looking for a certain ‘Face’ rather then experience, drive and determination. So much people are unemployed because they don’t fit within a company on their ‘look basis’… even though they have all the skills, happened to a friend of mine that really sucks..

    I am actually looking to start my own magazine business and rope in any1 that as experience and prove that personality, experience and skills and the drive to succeed is the all round winner and not if you look like ‘Aishwarya Rai Bachchan then only you will be employed!

    I will be willing to collaborate with you if you want to get something started Missy, as seriously i am sick of being stuck in a dead end job without any progression over the past few years!

    let me know your thoughts. loads of love x

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    • Missy Dee

      26. Sep, 2011

      Parminder just jumping in the shower. Will get back to you in half hour x

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    • Missy Dee

      26. Sep, 2011

      Wow right then Parminder where do I begin?

      I’m sorry that you are finding it hard too to break into the media industry. I guess I was lucky to have got a break into media many years ago as there wasnt that much competition around back then I think. Plus I dont think media was as glitzed up back then. By this I mean many now want to go into jobs to look and be glamourous. You are right a lot is attached to you being a someone or looking goos. As I said in my article. I was the best candidate in the house but didnt have the right look. So what I get to see on tv now are awful presenters who might look good but theur presentation skills are rubbish. The same with radio. Asian radio is a different matter and will one day write about that too.

      In your field many do need editors and co-editors to be ‘the face’ of the magazine as theres alot of ‘schmoozing’ that goes on and so unfortunately I guess you are right that it has to be a ‘pretty’ something or someone to send out to play. I always hated that part of the game anyway. I never did think the networking part was anything but a free piss up for most. And oh yes there was plenty of ‘look at me egos’ YUK

      Lol luvy this is what this blog is for to give your opinion, vent your anger and frustration and say waht you feel as you see I do allow you to say your honest opinions.

      About starting up a magazine just think very carefully about it. It can be costly and not much in returns. It willl take a few years to see a good profit.

      My advice to you would be to start writing a blog and get your writing skills noticed and maybe through that your writing will shine through sooo much that nobody can refuse you. The world wide web is a huge place and you wont just be stuck to the UK. Its huge. Think about it

      Other than that I am happy to offer you a guest blog on my website if that entices you? Just send me an example of your work to I hate saying this part as I loathe it wen people want me to work for free unless its for a good cause. But yes I’m not able to offer renumeration but you think about it and maybe you could write for my blog once a week or month? Let me know and good luck.

      Just remember All iz well xxxx

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  2. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    Sure.. 🙂 x

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  3. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    Hey thanks a lot Missy, that is true sound advice and yeah the magazine setting up is quite tricky, in which case i am opting to go online with it. I guess i could start off as a blog and the then take it from there, although i haven’t done it before, i mean a blog has to be insightful and that takes a lot. Any pointers on blogs would be great.

    As for the guest writer for your blog. I am all up for that.. don’t worry about remuneration. I just want to create a niche for myself get my name out there. I mainly focus on the entertainment side of the media and have mainly only written on that genre. I will email you a sample of my work so that you get the gist.

    I would like to believe that all is well, and to be honest i appreciate the fine things in life. Its just i am quite career minded and media has not only been my passion it is also something i am good at. Hopefully soon i can have my name out there with something that i am good at and proud of.

    Thanks for your input xx lots of love xx

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    • Missy Dee

      26. Sep, 2011

      No problems luv… I look forward to recieving it!

      I am sure many people have different views but that was my two-pence worth. As for blog writing – just write about stuff that interests you so you can write happily and passionaltely about it. Theres no right or wrongs. But if you pick something just cause you think its going to be popular, theres no point as you will lose interest and momentum. For ex the biggest blogs nowadays are about how to make money, how to become a millionaire, how to promote your business/blog, best marketing skills etc. If you have the knowledge and lots of it and you love that subject then go for it. But then again if you love all things Essex – then that would be the best thing for you! Hope you get my drift…

      I am sure you will make us prous one day and we shall see your name in big bright lights….remember passion makes perfect.

      P.S Just one thing (and I mean it in the nicest of ways and not trying to be mean) – but if you are looking to become an editor – then take real care with your spellings! :O) x

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  4. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    Thank you so much! I have emailed you. And.. o yes spelling is key!

    x x

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  5. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    Hope to hear from you soon in regards to anything xx

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  6. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    Btw as far as i am aware.. i have not made any spelling mistakes in the above, it automatically gets corrected by Google Chrome browser. Unless it missed something? or were you just telling me some sound advice lol – either way its fine lol xxx

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    • Missy Dee

      26. Sep, 2011

      lol I just think it was the lower case ‘i’s’ that stood out to me in your initial comment and the lack of capital letters where needed…

      Sorry I am a teacher in Primary School at the moment – so I guess it’s habit x

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  7. Parminder

    26. Sep, 2011

    Lol, its cool no worries xx

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