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LuvAsia-Roadshow Logo Large Banner SizeHello my lovely MissyD.com followers and readers. Oh my Gosh, I was just looking at the traffic stats for many of my websites that I have set up since setting up this one. I was amazed!! Amazed that I have not written on here since my life got well and truly taken over by my business and passion venture Luv Asia Radio . The actual last time I wrote was 12th January 2013 BUT to my shock and surprise there have been 1000’s of people still interested in reading with my articles and thought bombs that I often inflicted on you! I had to do a double take. But sure enough its saying 1000’s still read ME!

So a massive thank you for still coming back for a little bit of a goosey gander, and making this old woman well happy! LOL :O) Isn’t LIFE brilliant and mad at the same time. All those years ago, I set off to set up my own blog and just share my thoughts and feelings with you. I loved every single second of doing that! Then Luv Asia radio was created and born and it took over my life. All in a very, very good way.

Along the way life is taught me so much and I have learnt so, so, so much. Some good things. Some bad things. But overall life is amazing and so beautiful. I am always looked after by the powers above and am always humbly grateful for that. So anyway I thought I’d pass by and just say hi, and I don’t know if I will regularly keep this updated. I would do love to. And would be a great thing to do. But if I am realistic, at the moment my beloved Luv Asia Radio is getting my undivided attention. But I shall try and share the wise words and wisdom that the Universe is throwing at me with you. It’s what keeps me going, positive and HAPPY! Isn’t life just so mad? You never know I may just throw a few words of inspiration your way whenever I can. I love sharing love, wisdom and happiness x

So yes. Missy D is still very much here and alive, so do say hello if you ever feel like it! Plus have a listen to Luv Asia Radio, you will definitely LUV it, as do 200 other countries in the world….(just use the pop up of you want to carry on and keep listening, or simply open another tab)

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