I’d Like You to Meet Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor Seema Jaya Sharma…

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Seema Before the Chemotherapy Treatment….

My Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi’s may I introduce to you a very brave young lady. Her name is Seema Jaya Sharma and is 34 years of age. As you can see she is a beautiful looking young lady. I have never met her, but recently came across her with her awareness video that she made and I was gagging to know more. (Well you know me!)

She sent me her video through private message on Facebook and immediately I was drawn to her. Not because I was looking at an Asian chic with no hair, more so because I played her video and she was so extremely full of life and positivity. According to her she is ‘no-one’ to be talking to you but man she has no idea who she is! She is someone that has taken a brave step forward to speak up about cancer and get rid of the myths. She is someone I now hugely admire.
Seema lives in Ilford in East London, and upon more questioning (well I had to find out right) she found out that she had breast cancer out of the blue. One day she tells me, she was playing with her little daughter and it was then she knew something was wrong. In her own words she says, “I found out by my daughter sitting on my lap and knocking my breast, it didn’t hurt but i’m quite an animated person and was trying to make her laugh so was like ‘arrgggghhhhhh u hurt me’ and i put my hand where she had bumped her head and felt the lump! Just like that! It’s CRAZY when I think about it!”.
She then went on to tell me more….
After being diagnosed she had the cancerous lump removed, and then her lymph nodes from under her armpit which helps to stop the cancer spreading. Unfortunately because her lump was too big, she eventually had to have her whole breast removed. After that she went through having sessions of chemotherapy, 18 herceptin sessions, tamoxifen, reconstruction surgery 6 months ago. Then it didn’t stop there. In her words she tells me she has to have “this big B*******D injection in her tummy for two years which will then make her go through menopause. What that do is it stops my body producing hormones, so I get all the hot flushes etc now” When I asked her how she is now and how she felt, she said, “Despite everything I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I am right now and not once have I ever said why me or been angry! Shit happens.”
Here are some pictures of Seema after all the above treatment…
Seema Jaya Sharma, Breast Cancer,lumpectomy,chemotherapy, radiotherapy,tamoxofin
Seema After Her Treatment…
seema jaya sharma,breast cancer,cancer treatment,cancer in young girls
Seema Jaya Sharma…
As you can see she still looks amazingly gorgeous! Why am I writing this blog? Because Seema and I want you to know that cancer is something that is spreading but is nothing to be afraid of . Back in the day nobody had heard of it and it was a huge deal when someone was diagnosed with. Especially within the Asian community. The minute anyone heard the word cancer it immediately meant DEATH to them. That is not the case. Seema is a cancer survivor and wants to send a message out to those individuals and their families that it is hard but it’s not something to be scared of. There is help and support out there and she would like to help those affected by creating awareness of cancer. I say, good on her. We need more people like this to take the cancer by it’s horns and combat it!
I am in no way, shape or form saying this is easy. It’s not. My Mamma (MUM) was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. I remember the day clearly. She was in India with me. When we had just arrived my sister insisted that my Mum go to hospital the next day as there had been lots of calls and the Doctors were keen to see her. I went in with her after what felt like an eternity, and the Doctor very kindly and gently told my Mum the news. They had found a lump in a routine mammogram and it needed to be removed immediately. Mum was due to go to the USA in a few weeks and kept going on about that and dealt with it like a soldier. Meanwhile the over-emotional not so strong me wept like a baby! It’s a long story and maybe we can go through the whole lot one day, but let’s just say my Seema reminds me of my Mamma. Both very strong and positive and happy to educate others so that it makes it easier for others.
I cannot imagine what Seema has gone through as my Mamma just had the radiotherapy and not the chemo. I was the one that used to change her dressings and see her in agony with the skin that was just peeling off with the burning. But we got through it and March this year she was cleared of cancer after her 5 year daily pill of Tamoxifen. But Seema is right although there is great NHS care out there, a lot of people fear the word CANCER and if they could see and meet people like Seema and my Mamma, I am sure it would put others at ease and help them in treatment and recovery.
Ok I’ve gone on a bit….sorry. Here is a recent video of Seema who just wanted to say a few things. I have decided to go meet her soon and will interview her on video, and hope to get that to you as soon as I can…..
Over to you Seema ji….

Seema you really are a true inspiration to me and I am sure others will agree. I am a giver up-per and after watching your video you made me feel that I can conquer all that I fear. Thank you very much for the inspiration. Cannot wait to meet you xxxx

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22 Responses to “I’d Like You to Meet Inspirational Breast Cancer Survivor Seema Jaya Sharma…”

  1. Binay

    28. Nov, 2011


    Well done for bringing this to the Asian mainstream through digital media.

    I totally agree awareness seems elusive within our communities and something must be done.

    What you’ve done is brave and the step in the right direction to inspire others and instill that focused positivity all who maybe affected by cancer.

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    • Missy Dee

      28. Nov, 2011

      Thank you Binay for your comment.

      Yep Seema is so much more braver than me. I would have sat and cried and felt sorry for myself. But this chic just got on with life bless her cotton chuddies x

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  2. Binay

    28. Nov, 2011


    Like i read once….. Its 10% work and 90% attitude with anything in life.

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  3. PotatoSandwich

    29. Nov, 2011

    The operative phrase

    “be grateful for what you have, don’t worry about the things you don’t have”.

    If you have health, you have wealth, you have everything.

    Look after your individual well-being FIRST, be balanced and then you will be able to help someone else.

    Unfortunately, Breast Cancer is not something that happens because of your lifestyle, however women like Seema are a prime example of never giving up home and maintaining a firm belief.

    If you are a survivor from any major illness, its because a power much higher then our understanding has made that happen…

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  4. Manj Deol

    07. Dec, 2011


    It goes to show how brave women like yourself are. Your attitude to life made you recover the toughest time in life & will definitely set an example to many other breast cancer patients.

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  5. Murtaza

    18. Dec, 2011

    I have known Seema for quiet a few years and she is an amazing person with determination and a sense that nothing is impossible. I am humbled to know such a wonderful person. Seema sets an example not just for breast cancer sufferers but for all of us in how we deal with all the curve balls life throws at us.
    Thank you Missy for adding this to your blog, we need more examples like this!

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    • Missy Dee

      18. Dec, 2011

      Hi Murtaza. I’ve never met her but yes she sure is an inspiration to us all. Bless ya Seema. Hope you get all you want x

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  6. AmegaKool Khan

    01. Jan, 2012

    I am truly inspired by you
    you are so brave
    I hope god can fufill all your needs

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  7. Jaz

    01. Jan, 2012

    can u do me a favour
    can u click on the following link and like the page
    and also click on the following link and like the pic

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  8. H.bibi

    04. Jan, 2012

    Hey hun ur a brave lady and a true inspiration! To share such a difficult part of your life… A very strong and your motivated individual your out look and attitude fought this cancer! Its really heartwarming to know the postives aswel as the negatives of cancer,thankyou for sharing! Your absolutely right its nothing anybody would want but you have got to fight against! Am a really soft hearted person and find the day to day issues in life a real test! So this would completely break me,am feeling really selfish right now and need to look for positiveness in my life. I really hope your blessed with a long healthy life ahead filled with lots of happiness. Take care luv all the best xxx

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  9. tauseef

    04. Jan, 2012

    oi hold tight ppl are trying to get a postive msg across and one self centered person is trying to likes on his pic do u really ave to beg fr likes i feel sry fr u mate . . . !

    On a postive note enuf love to u keep it up u doin all us proud xxxx

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  10. Sophie

    05. Jan, 2012

    Well done Seema – you are a stunning looking woman with or without hair. Your determination shines through. I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

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  11. rv

    09. Jan, 2012

    hey well done you are inspirational x

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  12. Vijay

    09. Jan, 2012

    We all get tested in life at some point.
    I don’t think I could have gone through what you have been through. You really are a very brave woman, God bless you.

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  13. Benson

    15. Jan, 2012

    Seema firstly allow me to applaud for raising awareness of breast cancer, especially being someone from the Indian community.  Awareness seems elusive within our community and something must be done.  

    what you’ve done is the step in the right direction to encourage more to come forward and share their experiences without treating cancer like a death sentence.

    Having watched your videos on a number of occasions, I admire your optimism and positive attitude, alongside that beautiful infectious smile.  I believe there are many things, one can do to cope with the nightmare of cancer, however the essential component that is key and central to everything is Family.

    I believe its your family that kept you going; Kalvin, Shanti and mum, what amazing people they are. And the powerful message I get from watching your journey is that in time of need, Family is paramount, without them nothing is possible, with them the possibilities are endless. I find Kalvin & Shanti such brave little souls, never sad but being themselves and supporting their mummy.

    What amazing children Seema, not even 10 years of age both of them. Not forgetting your mummy, what a wonderful women and not forgetting her dance moves. In summary Seema what you could have done is sit in front of the camera and talk about diagnosis and treatments etc. But you chose the most potent & powerful weapon in your arsenal in the fight against cancer.  Family,  and how valuable and indispensable they are when we really need them.

    Thank you for sharing this trying part of your life with us and I hope to see more of you on the tube and I wish you all the success and happiness in life. 


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  14. miss dhillon

    24. Jan, 2012

    hi..well done Seema and thank you for spreading the message. After reading your story i decided to feel around for anything and found a lump, in my breast. i went for my core biopsy and waited for a week for my results which was a nightmare! fortunetly it was negative, but will be operated on to remove.Thank you so much not a day goes by where i dont think of you and bless you. x

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  15. Piano player

    27. Jan, 2012

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Seema and the lady lights up the room by just being there,Her sheer bravery and determination should stand as a testiment to all that when this hits you ,it is not the end and when like Seema you stick two fingers up to fear with a smile and determination that in fact somehow something so devastating can be overcome with all the pain and discomort the fear.Somehow Seema has overcome every hurdle and faced life with more fortitude and determination than I could only dream of.
    Seema you are a beautiful woman inside and out and above all your pain and suffering will I hope give many hope that they can only get from someone who has been there and got the T shirt
    Your sense of humour and fun is contagious dont ever lose it you are one of lifes winners so go on carry on and take life by the scruff of its neck and do what you do best ,Laugh and make others laugh and inspire the courage needed at times like these that every human being dreads….You are living proof there is life after cancer …..xxxx

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  16. Sam

    30. Jan, 2012

    I’m happy for you, u recovered god bless u 🙂

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  17. Sandiip

    30. Jan, 2012

    I am speechless only thing whats coming in my mind right now is may God give every one the courage to live life like you always ………..salute to you.

    You remind me of these lines in hindi….

    Past hosle waale tera saath kya denge

    Zindagi idhar aa tuzhe hum guzarenge

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  18. Terry Mardi

    22. Apr, 2012

    Seema Jaya Sharma is living life the way WE all should, with vigour and enthusiasm. She doesn’t seem to drift like so many people. I have known her through facebook for just 24 hours and our sense of humour connected us. She laughed at one of my wideos which is a huge ego boost for me but more importantly, she LAUGHED. Within minutes she messaged me to thank me for the LAUGH. This is why I do what I do. I’m a clown, a fool, a mockery but I LAUGH daily just like SEEMA. To say I admire her is an understatement. Oh and the fact that she remembers Bagleys Nightclub makes are a gangster chick in my view. Brap!!

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  19. Tammy

    27. Aug, 2012

    I hope u get better soon

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  20. Aysha

    12. Jan, 2013

    I think most people will be affected by cancer at some point in their life. Recently, a family member was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and he is going through intensive chemo which will lead to a bone marrow transplant. Watching him deal with this devastating and life-changing news was truly heart-breaking. However, this battle cancer patients fight on a daily basis is incredible and humbling. To all cancer sufferers, I salute you for fighting an incredibly difficult battle and I commend you Seema, for staying positive. I know it must have been heartbreaking for you and your family.

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