Kitty (MMA) Lohri Celebrations…

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The below video was taken at Lohri this year, but didn’t get time to upload it. I would like to introduce to you part of the ‘Kitty Party.Com’ crew. Their names are Jinder, Sunita, Khushboo and Preet. They are a crazy lot who went to Manjit’s house to celebrate Lohri as she recently had a grandchild.

There are lots of reasons for why Lohri is celebrated. I found this explanation on the net and I think it fits into my idea of why Lohri is celebrated!

Lohri is celebrated all over the world and also in India. The reason why Lohri is celebrated it marks the harvesting season in Punjab and the end of the winter season. Families will celebrate Lohri if a member of the family has got married or if there has been a new arrival in family in the past year. They will give out rerea (sweet things covered in sesame seed) and peanuts (monkey nuts) and clothes to all the families and friends. All the family will get together and lots of different dishes of food will be cooked and also they will light a fire in the garden and burn wood.

I have no idea why they all dressed up and what it is all symbolic of. All I know they seemed like they knew what they were doing and why. I call them the MMA (Modern Mothers Association) and very soon they will be hosting a show on Luv Asia

So anyway enjoy the video….

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  1. tejwant

    26. Feb, 2012

    what a performance ladies you all great and talent. . . .

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