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Broadcaster Larry Agan Live On-Air

I hope you enjoyed the MMA Kitty Party.Com Lohri video. If you haven’t seen it yet then go to the write below this one and trust me you will never have seen anything like it! I am hiring them out to you to the highest bidders! ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now I am preparing for an all singing and dancing show tonight on ‘Luv Asia Radio Online’, and am very excited about how my beloved small internet radio station is panning out and growing. I have all the licences in place, with both PRS and PPL which was the bit that was stressing me out. I have the box’s all ticked and now am working on Box 2. I have my guardian and earth Angel by my side. Life couldn’t be better at the moment. I mean I have even done 7 days of my ‘no-alcohol detox’ and I haven’t missed not drinking for one second. Ok, I declined the very kind offer of going to the White Lion with jits on Friday but my will-power aint that strong yet!

What I love about Luv Asia Radio Online is how my fans and listeners make it their own and constantly input themselves into it. I have DJ MH who is so inspired by myself that he has decided to get off his backside and start up his own radio show. I have people singing LIVE down the phone from the USA. I even had a live performance by musicians from the Edgewater Coffee Shop in Colorado. I had a live call from Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. I have a lovely guy who rushes home for 7pm to make sure he can participate in the show at 7 on the dot, with his lovely family which includes his Mum and Dad. On top of that we have vicars listening and men of the cloth too. On top of that we have ‘Minnie Missy’ making surprise appearances when she likes and Minnie Missy’s Mum having breakdowns due to her drinking partner going teetotal. The best thing is if my lot don’t speak to each other for a few days they feel like there is something missing in their lives! i kid you not. The other day Minnie Missy’d Mum was being so missed (she is becoming a celebrity) that I had to call her to get her involved and then I couldn’t get rid of her! It’s brilliant, I hand on heart can say that we here at Luv Asia Radio are truely global and the thing that keeps them all glued together is ‘the LUV’ and appreciation of Luv Asia’s mix of music. We Play Bollywood, Bhangra, Brit Asian Urban, Urban, Mainstream, Global beats, Qawali’s, Sufi, Ghazals, Golden Oldies, Retro, Spiritual and anything and everything else inbetween. I LUV my LUV!

I have a package arriving from my Colorado crew with God knows what in it, but I know it’s sent with lots of ‘LUV’. Plus the best is my two favourite USA men Larry Agan and Dale Hu are still keeping Missy D well and alive in Gina’s lovely Edgewater Coffee Shop. Larry has gone from video-casting, to voice-overs to broadcasting LIVE! God bless his fuzzy white beard…

Take a look at the video below, and especially take a good look at the black and white pencil sketch behind him. That was hand sketched by myself especially for Larry. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought it would be given the best seat in the gallery with a hand made wooden frame by my favourite man in the world Larry Agan! I am so proud…..

Thank you Larry and Dale. Larry keep up the radio job. I LUV it! Gina post that package girl…

Tune into Missy D (that’s me) on Luv Asia Radio Online tonight either on here on my blog, orย on http://www.spreaker.com/user/missydeeย or use Tune In Radio (available on 150 platforms) and search Luv Asia Radio. I’ll catch you there tonight. Call in LIVE on 020 81 33 33 47 or just chat on the chatrooms here or on Spreaker.

Larry Agan – First Time Interweb Radio Podcaster from Ganesh Tube on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to “Missy ji The International Khiladi….”

  1. Hamza

    27. Feb, 2012

    Hi thats ok but i lost that live show if you dont mind can u plz tell me the next live show
    tell me abt next two live shows date and time is well coz its diffrent time in pk & uk we are 5 hour forword frm uk
    tell me abt the show date and time in pk time
    you can email me on my mail address

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  2. Jits

    27. Feb, 2012

    We are so going to be like Dale and Larry when we get a teeny bit older ๐Ÿ™‚ … Can’t wait … Love them both xx

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    • Missy Dee

      27. Feb, 2012

      Tiny bit older??? Lol speak for yourself. It’s gonna take me a lifetime to look as young as Larry ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Dreamgirl

    13. Mar, 2012

    The plot thinkens…Larry wanted to be a London cabbie and there’s a package on the way. Lucky girl!!!

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  4. sooraj

    31. Oct, 2012

    Hello Missy its me I haven’t read any new posts in ages. What’s up yaar! After we finally made friends again I’ve been lookin but can’t see any

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