The Luv Team DJs

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The Luv Team DJs

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to The Luv Team DJ’s Showcase…

Ok so I haven’t written on my beloved blog for ages and I have been AWOL? Kyu? Socho Kyu? Your Missy D has been busy year! Busy building up my DJ portfolio and travelling the UK and the world entertaining with our fabulous DJ’ing!!

A while ago I set up The Luv Team DJ’s and after a few wobbly starts and lots of teething problems, some ups and some downs, I got it locked down with me DJ Missy D and The Hap-E DJ! You see I have been DJ’ing on and off for years. I DJ’d and hosted in many a London Club when I lived and worked in London, and I even back then had set up a Wedding DJ Roadshow called The XL Roadshow with a whole bunch of young lads, and the one man that taught me how to DJ. His name is Sunny Sagoo and today he is still coaching me, teaching me, perfecting me and has stood by my side as my brother. I love him to bits.

Then I also came across another Sunny, who was also another amazing human being and we rocked a fair few parties up and down the UK. On that journey I came across little junior Happy, who was a baby (well no so baby but Sunny’s little bro) but wanted to hang out with the ‘lads’ and umm ‘ladettes’ as he could DJ too you see. And let me tell you he was dammed good! So we took him on the road too. Then as things do, it all went Pete Tong as we all kind of started our own things and Missy was busy with radio you see.

Right cutting a long story short as you know I can chat s*** all day long. Happy and I got re-united via brother Sunny and that is when The Luv Team was born and continues now to be a huge success.  The best bit is that we are a very rare and unique DJ duo. You see, you see Male with male DJ Teams, Female with Female DJ teams, Females working with Male DJ Teams, yet how many Male with Female DJ Duos do you see that work together? Not many right? You have to see us in action, it really is different to what you usually get with the usual DJ. Best bit is he calls me BOSS, I call him JUNIOR…LOL

We are all over the place doing our thing as DJ’s at all sorts of events, and LUV’ing it!! Brother Sunny meanwhile is looking after The Luv Team Canada, so watch this space for footage…

In the meantime please DO have a look at our showcase of some of my works and The Luv Team parties that we have done. Remember no matter where you are in the whole wide world, we are happy to come to you to rock your party! Just ask and check us out ji x

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