The Missy D and Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi Top 10!

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chart, top 10,christmas,desi christmas,bollywood,bhangra,asian urban,missyd,missy d,missy deeEvery year around this time you get loads of people throwing ‘Top 10’s’ at you. You know the ‘Top 10 News Stories of the Year’, ‘The top 10 catastrophes of the year’, and things like ‘The op 10 worst Christmas gifts recieved’ etc etc. You get my drift right?

The of course there’s alot of Top 10 films,. videos, artists, music etc etc. I come from a radio background and your opinions really do interest me. See because sometimes, let’s be honest. the ‘Top 10’s’ thrown at you are not an accurate sample of public opinion. I reckon alot do have an element of public opinion, but are somehow swayed by their authors! Hmmm, I say no more!

So I though why not devise the ‘Missy D and Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi Top 10’. This means you have your say in this top 10 and it will only be devised by your personal opinion! How cool is that?

So what I’m looking to devise is the ‘Top 10 Desi Tunes of 2010’ that you loved. Now the categories I’m going to look at are Bollywood, Bhangra and Asian Urban. Anything that comes under the Asian category that tickled your pickle from January 1st to now 2010.

So, leave your opinions in the comment spaces below and if you don’t want to give a public opinion, then inbox me on

anjaana anjaani,top 10 musid chart,desi music,bollywood,bhangra,asian urban,missy d,missyd,missy dee

I have a few in mind that I will be putting forward! For starters one will definitely be ‘Tuhje Bhula Diya’ from Anjaana Anjaani, but then I do love that tune ‘Bruuuah’ by Foji Gill! But anyway ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and ‘My Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi’s’ the choice is all yours!!! Start voting below now and then I shall put up the winning 10 in the last week of the year. Teek eh na?

foji,bruah,bhangra music,bollywood,top 10 chart,missy d,missyd,missy dee

It’s nearly Christmas!!! I cannot wait!!!!!

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