We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday…

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It’s on the eve of the long British Bank Holiday Weekend! Yes yet another one. I am sure we have more bank holidays than any other Country! It was in the news today that lots of Brits are actually choosing to spend their holidays in Britain. The reason? Well obviously the really pathetic hike in prices that the travel industry decides to slap over the school holiday period.

So therefore there will be a lot more of us Brits that will be taking to the Country and to the good old British Seaside. It may come to a surprise to many but us Asians do like to go on holiday too! So will too venture out to the Cotswolds, Lake District, Blackpool or even  some Southend!!

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What makes me laugh is the most is when you and your family go to places in Britain and as soon as they see another Asian family, they get all excited! They start prodding each other or make signals to each other that there’s another Asian in the house!! Im sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s a little bit like seeing an Asian on the telly. Your immediate reaction is “MUM”…”DAD” (pointing frantically at the telly) “look…look there’s an Indian on the Telly”!!! LOL. I must admit it used to be even more exciting years ago. Nowadays there still is a slight pause to double check that there is an ‘apna’ on the telly!

Anyway I have a bad habit of going off the point! So amyway I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend. I do hope that you didn’t get that dreaded phone call from your relatives who said they would be coming to visit you for a few days. The meaning of thsi is that they are trying to save on costs and utilise a trip down your house as a mini-holiday for the kids!! I feel a fabulous VLOG on just that coming up.

Unfortunately my kit is all down and I can’t do much, so therefore I’m shutting up shop on the VLOGS at least for a short time until I’m up and running again. In the meantime time, as they say “if you can’t beat ’em then just join ’em. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Im pacing my bags in the morning and am off to London town to go chill with my baby sister, and then we are off to Brighton to get a bit of sun and sand (NOT). I love going to London. I always feel like a tourist every time I’m in the City!

Anyway I hope to give a sense of my adventures next week if I can get my gear working. I have recorded a little something for you, just in case you were jittering a little from missing Missy.

Adios Amigos and don’t forget ‘Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna……’


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