I’m half-half and Proud!!!

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I think I’m half half.

 Don’t be alarmed or confused. I don’t mean I’m bi-sexual (although at times that might not be a bad idea!). What I mean is I’m definitely sure that I’m a very good mix of half Desi and half western. A good old remix of both cultures!

But then again I guess I’ve always been this way. I love being very, very desi and very Indian. For example I love Bollywood, and I love sitting and have a good old gossip in Punjabi with my Auntie Ji’s. I love listening and singing aloud to any kind of Asian music, whether that is old or new Bollywood, Bhangra, Asian Urban, Sufi or even ghazals. I feel very at home in doing so. I love that fact that we have so many celebrations and festivals and try and always do my bit. I love that I can eat lots of varied, colourful and spicy foods. I love lots of things about our culture and am very proud to be Indian.

On the other hand I love my independence, and although haven’t abused it, I love all things western too. I love going to a pub garden on a nice sunny afternoon and sipping on a cold ‘Crabbies’ (alcoholic Ginger Beer). I love going clubbing and swaying out of a club in search of a doner kebab and chips at 4am!! I love listening to Heart FM and being able to put the music up on loud and dance and sing along to those fabulous old school classics. I love Fish and chip and Sausage and Mash. Victoria Sponge cake along with bakewell tart and custard are one of my favourite deserts. I watched the William and Kate Royal Wedding with great interest. Eastenders is one of my favourite soaps!

missyd,missy d,missy dee, british asian, mix of east and west, coconut asian

You see I’m half half. Half Desi and half ‘goree’ (white), and I love the fact that I can very easily and very comfortably swing in and out of being either at the drop of a hat. It all depends who I’m with and what I’m doing at the time. If I need to put my ‘desi-ness’ on I will do that to full affect and authentically too. But then again if I’m required to be more western in a work environment or possibly a social gathering that consists of entirely non-Asians then I will gladly put on that hat too. Furthermore if I’m hanging out with my more ‘street’ mates then I’m also very happy and comfortable to bring on the ‘what’s happening’ bruv’, with a sprinkling of ‘allow that man’, and the infamous ‘innit though’! LOL

I don’t think I’m confused, I think rather I’m just happy being me. I’m British – born and bred in this country and therefore I need to live and adapt in the western world. This is my home. Nevertheless my parents are from the Punjab in India and for that reason I am proud of my roots and my culture, and love most things about it. There are things from both cultures that I may hate or even love but I have found a happy ground and enjoy that life.

missy d,missyd,missy dee, british asian, mix of east and west

 If I am to be honest what I hate are two types of Asians:

  • The first is the Asian that refuses to admit that they are Asian. This species is what is called ‘a coconut’ – brown on the outside (due to their obvious skin colour) and white on the inside (someone who is in denial that they are Asian and think they are white). This Asian makes out that they cannot speak in any Asian language. They cannot understand you or their parents/family if they are spoken to in an Asian language. They say they have no idea of their culture and traditions. They only hang out with non-Asians and hanging out with Asians in their world word be embarrassing. They don’t eat curries just in case they smell of it, and God forbid their mums making a curry in the house – it would drive them potty (again due to the smell adhering to their hair and clothes). They use the word ‘absolutely’ in every sentence and don’t even know what Asian TV or Bollywood is. They are the ones that go out on social events and they are the only brown face in the room alongside Timothy, Tracey, Leanne and John. They would rather be seen dead than in an Asian outfit and are mortified when they see a crowd of Asian people in one vicinity! They don’t know the basic names of Asian food, places, or anything Asian and when they try they say it all in a stupidly annoying English twangy accent!

Ok so I’ve exaggerated slightly here, so if you have more to add or to discuss feel free. Then there’s the ‘other’ type of Asian….

  • This Asian is pure Desi to the bone. They love India, and are happy to display that fact proudly in the backscreen windows of their cars. For example I have seen a gold fist with an Indian flag coming out of it, in a BMW. BMW and Golf’s are ‘the’ car for someone that feels Asian. Not forgetting the Mercedes, as it speaks prestige to their fellow Asians. This person will only hang out with other Asian friends, who will be happy to communicate in their language only. In fact when there are non-Asians around them, they couldn’t care less to think it’s rude to speak in their language, they still do it. They like to eat ‘desi’ khanna only (Indian food) and couldn’t care less if the house or even the street stinks of it, as long as they are getting that pure Desi dinner they are happy. They find ‘posh’ pubs and restaurants a waste of time and annoying because there are not enough ‘apne’ (their own) bunde (people) there. They are happy to play their own Desi music very loudly from their car, and most of all love going to watch a Bollywood movie and feel very comfortable bringing in their own food (as they charge too much for the popcorn and they could make it cheaper at home)and talking very loudly throughout the movie.

Again I’m talking about extremes, but I hope you see what I’m saying. So like I say, I am a kind of in-between of the both, although I do not adopt the extremities of either of them. All I’m saying is that I am happy to be both Asian and Western. But can find it extremely annoying when someone shuns the culture of others and isn’t ready, willing or able to open up to adaption.

So anyway I’m happy being a perfect British Asian remix Innit Bruv!!! ;O)



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    10. Oct, 2016

    What a Very honest perspective so relate to your words x

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