Show’s Over….

Posted on 24. Aug, 2011 by in Missy D TV (VLOG), My World

People just to let you know tonight as I was working on my laptop tonight, it
overheated and died on me. It tells me I have corrupted file. It don’t tell me much else. It’s blank. Just like me. I feel blank too.

It’s….well dead until I can find someone to revive it. It’s kind of like in a state of Coma. I feel like I’m sitting in intensive care praying so hard to God that my baby survives. I’m going to see the specialist Doc in the morning. Let’s see what he says. But it don’t look good.

Please don’t die on me laptop and take all my files, folders and programs with you (you *********!!!!). Do you not appreciate everything I’ve done for you?? Everything I put into you???

You turned out just like all the rest! You two faced traitor….

My kismet has always been like this so it shouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

My head hurts.

Anyway yeh what was I saying?

My laptop is DEAD.


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3 Responses to “Show’s Over….”

  1. Kiran Chauhan

    24. Aug, 2011

    Agh man that blows innit, maybe take it down to your breadbins yaardies innit he should sort you out with a new one get it well cheap. Lol
    Whoops got carried away with you last vid. Loving the cardbox sign missy hopefully you will be back in action soon.
    FYI I don’t talk like the desi rudeboi normally just so that you know.

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  2. Snoop

    24. Aug, 2011

    a) really hope you can at least get your files back
    b) buy a mac lol
    c) hope you’ll be back on my screen soon 🙁


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    • Missy Dee

      24. Aug, 2011

      I hope to resume back asap Snoop but will keep you entertained with my writing! BTW the logo looks fabulous -have a look

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