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Video of Missy D Hosting ‘Shaam’ 2011. Your Hostess with The….??

Posted on 16. Nov, 2011 by .


In my time in radio since the late 90’s I must have hosted thousands of shows. Some call it hosting, and others stage host or even compere. Whatever it is, for me it’s the best feeling in the world. I love standing on a stage infront of hundreds and even thousands of people and entertaining […]

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Missy D TV: The Pagals Guide on How to Be a Radio Presenter. Part ONE!

Posted on 02. Sep, 2011 by .


Hellllloooooo. OMG helllloooooooo…testing testing one two…one two….camera check…mic check…laptop check!!! IT all bloody works….marvelous I say…just bloomin marvelous. I am so happy as you can tell that I managed to get my laptop back and get my video up! So we are back on the road to Missy D TV hitting a screen near you. […]

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Missy D TV: The Pagals Guide to the Caste System

Posted on 19. Aug, 2011 by .


The VLOG speaks for itself today. I have been a little more serious than usual… Would love for you to interact and share you thoughts and opinions on the comment box below. Would love to start building an active and lively forum for you. I don’t think there is one out there offfering you a […]

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The Real Me….Who Are You?

Posted on 11. Oct, 2010 by .


Do you know I think I have shot myself in the foot by deciding to have and maintain my own blog on www.missyd.com! When I first started it I was really excited, and now I am even more excited due to all the publicity and love that it receives. So thank you and bless you […]

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Twitter Celeb Reply Experiment Continues…

Posted on 16. Sep, 2010 by .


Oh my goodness!!! My eyes are going wonky after doing all this Twittering!!! I didn’t think my bright spark idea would actually take this much time!!! Twittering is a time consuming thing, which makes me wonder how all these celebs manage to ‘Tweet’ all day long?! Right so I have kept you updated on my […]

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow….

Somewhere Over The Rainbow….

Posted on 08. Sep, 2010 by .


I’m over the moon today as my bestest friend in the whole world approved of my blog. That for me has sealed my faith in blogging. For those of you who have never been into blogging, don’t worry neither have I. I was never into it and really didn’t care for it, but I am […]

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Social Networker or Diligent worker?

Posted on 07. Sep, 2010 by .


Isn’t it mad how long you you can spend on the computer? On the net and on email? I am sure that we all do the same thing. Let me explain what I mean… I spent this morning going on a 7 mile power-walk to Asda and back, then came back and launched straight into […]

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Today’s Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi…

Posted on 25. Aug, 2010 by .


Leja Leja – Ustad Sultan Khan & Shreya Ghoshal Today’s song of the Day is dedicated to Thursday’s Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi Mr Sheikh Amit Patel of Doha, Qatar. Click on the red link to listen to the song…. It’s a song called Leja Leja and is absolutely beautiful. It holds many memories for Sheikhy, […]

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Missy in Red!

My New World….

Posted on 24. Aug, 2010 by .


Right then I thought this would be easy. If I’m honest I was being cocky. See I’ve always been able to do anything if I put my mind to it, so here we are. A Missy D Blog site is in the making as you read. You might be reading this, but what you can’t […]

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Welcome to Missy D’s World…

Posted on 23. Aug, 2010 by .


Hello My Hot Sweet Sticky Jalebi’s, been meaning to do this for a while but just A)didn’t wanna pay someone cause I heard its simple and free to do, so I too on the mission. And B) I was just being lazy about it. But this may be the answer for you to have contact […]

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