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Things I Wanna Do Before I Die…..

Posted on 19. Oct, 2011 by .


I’ve been thinking lately (maybe I shouldn’t as I used to be told that thinking is bad for you) that I have lots left to do in life but it seems life is speeding along. Before I know it I’ll be old and wrinkly and don’t want to have any regrets about things that I […]

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Posted on 24. Sep, 2011 by .


2.51 million unemployed in the United Kingdom. It’s no wonder I can’t find a decent job in radio. I’m currently working as a Primary Supply School Teacher and it gives me an average of 3 days work a week. Some weeks it can only be a days work, and some all 5 days. Nevertheless it […]

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Join my Facebook Missy D TV Fan Page…

Posted on 23. Aug, 2011 by .


Hello Facebookers. I have just created a Missy D TV Fan/Group page. I thought it was the best thing today instead of constantly polluting other peoples facebook walls (which I honestly and truely feel very bad about but what can you do!). So please click on the link below and and become part of the […]

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Missy D TV: The Pagals Guide on Desi Rudeboy Street Talk!

Posted on 23. Aug, 2011 by .


Thank you for your massive responses on my latest venture of Missy D TV. I am getting messages from all angles on missyd@missyd.com, on the comment boxes below, facebook, twitter and LinkdIN! It’s all gone mad, and I am absolutely loving it and am trying my best to get back to you all individually. My […]

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My very FIRST Press Coverage of MY BLOG!!!!

Posted on 22. Aug, 2011 by .


Oh My Gosh!!!! I’ve been working in radio as you know for 15 years and am very used to getting press coverage and being in the limelight. But today I feel awesome. Today I got my very first ever press coverage from www.mixtogether.org all by myself and for myself – for my little own blog! I have […]

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Missy D TV: The Pagals Guide to making a Gundaa (Onion) Paratha…

Posted on 22. Aug, 2011 by .


  My Onion Paratha (Gundaa/Pyaas Paratha) I love food. I love cooking. If I hadn’t been an entertainer and radio presenter I would have without a doubt been a chef. I watch cooking shows all day long. I love food like I love radio and entertaining. I always have done since being a child. My […]

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