Text Buddies: A Story about a Text Friendship…..The Synopsis.

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I’ve been wanting to write a book for a long time. Since being in media I have written many columns for many a newspaper or magazine, but that is different to writing a book. So I thought my blog would be the ideal place to write it and keep up with it. You see a blog is a personal extension of the person who’s writing it. I tend to share all my thoughts, feeling and knowledge with you on this and I do love it. I started writing this book earlier on this year, but lost it all when my computer got a virus. I can’t say I was devastated. In some ways I was relieved as I had writers block and didn’t know which way to go with the story.

It’s a fiction story there are certain elements that are based on a true story. In a way that makes it harder so as to not reveal the identities of the people in the story. I reckon I can do it but I guess if those people ever read it then they would probably identify with it. It’s quite scary really If Im to be honest as I want to write a good story and don’t want it to be boring or rubbish.

So this is where you come in. I’m going to write the story in small bite-size chunks and will keep writing more and more of it as much as I can update on a regular basis. Your job will then be to give me feedback on how you are liking or not liking it. What your suggestions are and what could be possibilities of going forward. For anyone’s suggestions that I utilise in the story, I promise if I ever get this published then you will be given full credits in the story. It would be like a joint group/community effort. I mean what could go wrong? If it doesn’t get published, well then at least we all had fun interacting and getting creative huh?!

missyd,missy d,missy dee, text buddies,british asian writerOk so first thing first, the book is going to be called ‘Text Buddies’. It is a story about a  friendship between two females. A story that will have you thinking ‘what the hell’! A story of two British Asian females who have never experienced such a friendship like this in their lives before and how they each handled it. The story is to be set in London possibly, but I am toying of maybe the USA. This way the friendship is unique as they both lived in the UK prior, are both Asian and Punjabi, but met randomly on the streets of New York. There is a connection in the story, in which one already knew of the other before they even met.

These are some ideas. Now one of them I am definitely going to call Sita, as she becomes almost like a Goddess figure in the story, so that is a fitting name. Sita works in high end fashion and loves to socialise. She likes living life for the moment and really doesn’t plan her life. But knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is hugely manipulative.

The other girl is pretty street, but sensible and not as outrageous as Sita, so I need suggestions for a name. I don’t have a clue what to call her. She is very opposite to Sita but also is a independent woman. She too loves her job, but is a planner and worrier and until Sita came along life was going just fine for her. But then she gets sucked into what Sita has in store for her and in the end gets totally screwed over by her so called best mate.

The story in a nutshell is about how Sita appears in the other girls life all of a sudden and all of a sudden life starts to change for the other friend. The main thing to remember about the story is that they have been friends for over 4 years yet hardly meet up or go out, rarely talk on the phone, but extraordinarily they developed a very deep, weird yet understandable friendship just via text messages. In the whole time that they knew each other there was not one morning or night that they did not have a long and lengthy text conversation and talked about anything and everything. And oh yes those long ass emails….

So that’s the main part of the story. I will start writing it for you soon and then you can give me your input as well…..

(I don’t know if anything like this has been done before, but hey I love being different)

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18 Responses to “Text Buddies: A Story about a Text Friendship…..The Synopsis.”

  1. The British Asian Blog

    13. Sep, 2011

    The second character can be called Simren – nice simple and straight forward. so SMS can be short for Simren Meets Sita.

    I’d be inclinded to start the story with Simren (or what ever you decide to call her) and make the first half of the book about her or in other words the story from her side, and later half can be the story from Sita’s side.

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  2. Parminder

    13. Sep, 2011

    Sounds great.. i have text buddies and totally can relate to this. As for a name how about ‘Rashmi’ im totally in love with this name lol and like its soooo rare. Anyway whatever you decide. best of luck xx

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  3. Parminder

    14. Sep, 2011

    Actually wait that name sounds sweet! u need a hip name.. hmmm.. let me think and get back to u x

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    • Missy Dee

      14. Sep, 2011

      Hanji rashmi is nice but like simran too sweet. I need street. And tell me more about your text buddies? That sounds very interesting x

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  4. The British Asian Blog

    14. Sep, 2011

    Other names, Hardeep, Kiren and Maya seems to fit the bill

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  5. Missy Dee

    14. Sep, 2011

    Apinder Im loving the suggestions. I actually had one come to me whilst in the shower and now its annoying the **** out of me cause I cant remember it. It was one that was cool but also could be abbreviated as she gets a nickname from Sita later in the story….aaaaghhhhh. Annoying!! I have the characters set in my head so I just need to be able to get them across to the reader.

    I had a look at your writing and like it very much. You must keep it up. Like your sense of humour and LOVE your Diary of the 8 1/2 year old. You need to record him and put audio clips up on the blog. Wouldnt recommend videos as you know how pagal people are out there!

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  6. sunita chadha

    14. Sep, 2011

    I am still thinking of the good name . what about Makhno, Chandni or Ranjna. I am trying the names to be linked with the character you want to use for.

    let the ideas keep coming

    good luck with the story, i cannt wait to read more……

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  7. raj dhami

    18. Sep, 2011

    Why not call her Shbana and call her Shabo for nickname later or Muskaan and for nickname call her Musk, only few suggestions.

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  8. rafiq

    19. Sep, 2011

    How r U? Your e-mail address plz.

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  9. Nisha

    10. Oct, 2011

    what about Ayesha….?? Ash for short….

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